All American Pressure Canner and Cooker

all american 910 10 Quart pressure cooker canner

All American 910 Pressure Canner

  • 10.5 Quart
  • Can hold 7 standard Pint jars
  • 11-3/4″ high and 10-1/4″ inside diameter
all american 915 15 Quart pressure cooker canner

All American 915 Pressure Canner

  • 15.5 Quart
  • Can hold 10 standard Pint jars
  • 12-1/4″ high and 12-1/4″ inside diameter
all american 921 21 Quart pressure cooker canner

All American 921 Pressure Canner

  • 21.5 Quart
  • Can hold 19 standard Pint jars
  • 15-3/8″ high and 12-1/4″ inside diameter
all american 925 25 Quart pressure canner

All American 925 Pressure Canner

  • 25 Quart
  • Can hold 19 standard Pint jars
  • 16-3/4″ high and 12-5/8″ inside diameter
all american 930 30 Quart pressure canner

All American 930 Pressure Canner

  • 30 Quart
  • Can hold 14 standard Quart jars
  • 19″ high and 12-1/4″ inside diameter
all american 941 pressure canner

All American 941 Pressure Canner

  • 41.5 Quart
  • Can hold 20 standard Quart jars
  • 19″ high and 15-1/4″ inside diameter

Key Features

all american pressure canner models

Since 1930 Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry is the manufacturer of the premium All American Pressure Canner. It offers top-notch features that make home cooking and canning a lot easier, time-saving, and also economical.

All American pressure canners are known to last a lifetime. They are manufactured using heavy duty cast Aluminium construction that provides fast and even heating along with resistance to abrasion. The smooth and satin finish of the pressure canner gives it a glossy look and ease in cleaning. The edges of the pressure cooker which are subjected to the highest pressure have a double thickness for added protection from wear and tear.

brand new all american pressure canner
Brand New All American Canner
inside view all american canner
Inside View
 top view of all american canner
Top View

All American pressure canner features the exclusive precision machined metal-to-metal sealing system. It allows the cover of the cooker to seal perfectly without the gasket. The positive action clamping locks align the base to the cover forming a steam tight seal. The cover is easy to remove and open because no gasket is involved. Gasket in a pressure canner is always prone to damage due to cuts, burns, and age hardening. The gasket free design of All American canners gives you peace of mind making it cheaper to maintain and easier to use compared to other brands.

Home canning is the best way to preserve low acid foods as recommended by the USDA. All American Pressure Cooker Canner comes in a variety of sizes to cater to the need of a wider audience. They have the capacity to cook and can food in both large and small quantities like fish, meat, poultry, and vegetables in a short time.

All American models are weighted gauge pressure canners although it also features a dial gauge. Weighted gauge is mandatory to use and is the primary reference for pressure cooking and canning. There are 2 automatic pressure venting features in the canner for added safety.

geared steam dial gauge all american pressure canner

Summary of All American Pressure Canner Features:

  • Heavy Duty Cast Aluminium construction that provides fast and even heating
  • Weighted Guage Pressure Canner – 5, 10, and 15 psi pressure regulator weight
  • Sturdy phenolic top handle – Keeps your hand safe from burns
  • Easy-to-read geared steam dial gauge
  • Automatic overpressure venting features for safety

Frequently Asked Questions

How many jars All American Pressure Canners hold?

The following numbers in the below chart are approximate and will vary with the jar brand and style:
all american pressure canners capacity chart

Can All American Pressure Cooker/Canner be used on glass-top stoves?

No, the manufacturers of glass-top stoves usually recommend using only flat cookware and the ALL-AMERICAN Pressure Cookers have indentations in the bottom.  Also, the cooker is quite heavy and if dropped or slid across the glass-top stove, it may damage the cooktop.  You may want to check with the manufacturer of your cooking range for additional information.

What is the difference between All American Canner 921 vs 925?

Both cooker/canners hold the same number of jars for canning and the only difference is when cooking. Model 925 holds 3-1/2 quarts more in liquid capacity than 921.